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Get Ready for 2018 #OBS March Sale &#FTSELECT!  Still Time to Promote Your Two Year Olds on Social Media!

Whether It’s for Thoroughbred Horse Sales or Long-Term Promotions – Make Social Media Work for You with WriteSocially!

Lisa Santora, your online marketing specialist, offers you nearly two decades of digital marketing experience! Her WriteSocially Social Media Service gives you an affordable and flexible way to build your online presence!

When it comes to promoting your thoroughbred horses in today’s selective marketplace, you need every edge you can get. One way to get extra attention is to build up your social media presence. Even if you have used social media for years to promote your farm, stallions, and sales horses – there is a core set of Best Practices you must use to maximize your success. Get access to those insider tips with WriteSocially Social Media!

It’s a fact: Blogs & social media (especially when you combine the two) offer a powerful way to get new leads for your thoroughbred horse racing business. So whether you’re promoting a stallion, horses for the sale ring, or your latest foray into a new horse racing venture, you need to stay in touch with your audience. WriteSocially is here to help you do that.

Power Up Your Blog

WriteSocially Social Media - Energize your thoroughbred racing social media marketing

Social media didn’t replace blogs. It works hand in hand with your blog to drive new leads to you. Consider this proof of blog and social media synergy – you need them both to tell your story and stay ahead of the competition.

Power up your blog with consistent posts that will expand the size of your website. No time to upload blog posts? I will do it for you at no extra charge.

WriteSocially makes it easy to select a social media package that’s right for your thoroughbred horse racing business. Select from the choices below and note the affordable pricing for each. If you want upgrades or have special requirements, that’s easy too. Simply contact us with your request.

3 Easy Social Media Packages to Choose From

Each package includes social posts you can weave into your existing workflow, or have me do it for you at no extra charge.

All plans offer monthly deliverables. Pricing for each package is per month. To select a package, click on the package name and visit the Contact Us page where you will specify in the Comment field of the form which package you have selected.

WriteSocially Social Media | Thoroughbred Racing Social Media Marketing

Gold Plan [Max Visibility!] – $299

26 pieces of content!          

6 blog posts

20 social media posts

At the end of the year that’s 312 pieces of new content! Wow!

Silver Plan [Most Popular!] – $229

19 pieces of content!

4 blog posts

15 social media posts

At the end of the year that’s 228 pieces of new content! Wow!

Bronze Plan [Great Way to Start!] – $179

13 pieces of content!

3 blog posts

10 social media posts

At the end of the year that’s 156 pieces of new content! Wow!

Choose a Social Media Package – And Yes We Offer Custom Upgrades!

WriteSocially Social Media | Thoroughbred Racing Social Media Marketing

These packages are designed to provide maximum value and reach to your audience – year round! And you can add more during busy times of year like right before breeding season and sales time – just ask!

Upgrades to your base package are inexpensive and can push you ahead of competitors online during your busiest seasons!