Social Media Opportunities Missed by Thoroughbred Farms

How to Make a Great Email Into a Great Social Media Post

Perhaps you are a thoroughbred farm in Lexington, KY looking for a social media specialist to build your audience online. WriteSocially Social Media can help, and we present this ‘teachable moment’ that actually occurred just recently. Don’t let an oversight like this derail your ability to reach your audience. Have us review your social media marketing strategy today!


Just received an email from a top thoroughbred farm in Kentucky announcing a new stallion they are standing this year. I really liked the photo in this email message. I wanted to share this email with friends on Twitter and searched through it for sharing buttons. I didn’t find any. I called the email marketing company (the platform used by the sender) and they verified that the farm creating the message could add sharing buttons to their messages if they would like.

Help Your Email Audience Share Your Messages

Key Takeaway: Email and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly. The addition of social sharing buttons to emails makes it easy for people to share messages they care about with their friends. A great email like the one I just received most certainly could live again on Twitter, Facebook and across social media with the addition of a few social sharing buttons.

An easy fix! The opportunities to have email messages reach a wider audience on social media can really make the resources spent on creating these messages go much further.

Next time you create an email message, think about the wider audience on social media, not just the list you are emailing to. Let that great email reach the thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook who want to see it!

Add those sharing buttons to your emails!

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It’s the little things like adding social sharing buttons to emails that can really make a difference in your campaign! WriteSocially Social Media can help ensure that you don’t miss great opportunities like this. Call 920-706-1358 or write for a custom social media proposal.